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In the late 1940s, Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer who had invented an anti-perspirant device worn around the wrist. Perry made a few changes to create the first sweatband.

The brand was initially run by the Perry family, namely his son David, until it was bought by Japanese company Hit Union in 1995. However, the Perry family continued to work closely with the brand, keeping Fred's legacy alive.

The brand was the clothing sponsor of British tennis player Andy Murray from the start of his career until 2009.

In September 2020, Perry stopped selling its black and yellow polo shirts across North America after they became the "unofficial uniform" of the far-right organisation, the Proud Boys,and called on Proud Boys members to stop wearing their clothing.


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Ryan says

"Made an order to the value of £215 way back in September Returned the items to Fred perry for the order and my money never to be seen again Got my credit card company involved showed them my evidence of no refund and they were no help either Tesco if you’re wondering who Thanks a lot fred perry for ripping me off to the sum of £215 Will still buy the clothes but never direct from them again Absolute joke of a company run by cow boys"

Myron James Lesder says

"I brought a fred perry wallet for my brother in laws 50th birthday. He said that it started to come un done he only had it 10 months I contacted Fred perry they just said its an old wallet now. No replacement. After that no further action was taken by them then no response from them"

Customer Mrs J Atkinson says

"If there was a minus, I would give it. Seriously bad customer service, almost 6 weeks since I ordered and paid for a shirt on next day delivery. Have emailed, phoned, exposed all over social media, got absolutely nowhere. Avoid at all costs."

Marc says

"Bought trousers and a polo shirt. Order arrived quickly enough but the trousers were missing and the shirt size was too small. Countless emails chasing a refund for missing item and despite my return being received as confirmed by tracking my replacement hasn't been sent. Pitiful experience"

Mojo says

"Fred Perry delivered the same order twice, even though I had reported the payment had been processed twice before despatch. Over a month later they have not refunded the double payment taken from my credit card and the customer service is non-existent as other reviews state. I will not be ordering from this company again and reporting to Trading Standards."

Tim Illingworth says

"Non existing customer service! Returned an item 2 weeks ago and still awaiting any correspondence or exchange. Telephoned but lady said they were working from home so had no direct contact with the factory! Funny they didn't tell. Me this when I purchased it from them!"

Susan Bailey says

"Got my shirt really quick through the post but it had a small imperfection so I sent it back after telling Fred Perry on 4th July. Have had no response from them as of yet and it’s two weeks two days ago now !! I found head offices number and gave them a call and the lady was very helpful although she is not customer services but she put my request through just now so will have to wait and see . Awful that they take your money and make it so hard for you to simply communicate with them ."

Bianca Porras says

"Appalling customer service. I ordered some shoes online, same size and model I've been using for years, but the sizing was wrong, they were too large! The shoes were sent back almost two months ago and I still haven't received a refund or at least an answer to my multiple emails. They are disregarding completely the Consumer Rights Act 2015. They've lost a loyal customer."

What a load of bollocks says

"Waiting on a exchange for a jacket for over 9 days, no contact has been made, emailed 3 times... nothing, rang the customer service desk about 25 times... nothing,rang head office, was told they would call me... back and never did. When the jacket arrived the first time the collar was creased beyond repair because they didn't use a hard backed box. Awful service"

Francesco Pelleriti says

"Poor quality. Clothes that were previously produced in Italy or Uk are "made in China" now. Quality has fallen and the prices are the same as before..."

neek says

"If I could rate no stars I would! I ordered a pair of trainers for my mums birthday 2 months ago now.. when they come they had black finger marks on (they were white trainers) and also had dried mucus wiped down the shoe. I complained in an email and received no reply! The shoes were sent back and still no refund. Don’t recommend at all! Disgusting customer service skills. What sort of business doesn’t respond to a complaint? Not only is it it appalling that I had no response but with the current circumstances of covid19 all staff should be made to wear ppe, which clearly didn’t happen as you could see the finger prints on the shoes and also dried snot. It physically makes me feel sick to think about."

Paul says

"Initially (back in May) my online order was processed in good time but the problems came when having to return items for exchange. The Collect+ service was super smooth and checking the tracking details, Fred Perry received items back within a few days but then silence. No confirmation of receipt, no replies to my three online form enquires (sent over the space of 8 days). It was only after calling their head office that my exchange order was processed. When it finally turned up one of the items was wrong so it had to go back again! Fred Perry has now had my second return for 13 days (so far) and as yet I’ve no exchange order details. Just to rub salt in the wounds, in all the time it’s taken, the items I originally purchased (back in May as a birthday treat to myself) are now on sale! The whole experience has left me exasperated and unfortunately the Fred Perry brand to me now feels tarnished."

Denis says

"My son only knows one brand and buys EVERYTHING from Fred Perry. Normally we buy in the store in Antwerp but throughout the corona we had to buy online. It was delivered 2 days later, but the shoes turned out to be bigger than his previous one (also Fred Perry). Returned at your own cost (16 €) with the question behind a size smaller. A few days later we could see via Bpost that they had arrived in Kent. Then it went silent and we found that his order had disappeared from the account. 3 mails sent (with a week between) and no response. Meanwhile we are almost 2 months later and no payment or shoes. This is PURE ARROGANT THEFT and contempt for a loyal customer. Aren't their clothes expensive enough that they have to make a profit this way?"

Andrew says

"The rating would be 5 star for the product. Shirts were great quality and really fast delivery. I wanted to make a return of a couple items... and this is where their customer service (which is non-existent... I have had more marketing emails about sales & new products than responses to my enquiry!) loses them the stars. It's been well over 2 months since making a return, and countless emails & contact forms later, I still haven't had my money back!"